Tina Salvadori Paz, is a multimedia artist working with video, photographs and installations. She holds a degree in Environmental Engineering and a PhD in Applied Statistics from the University of Florence focused on the study of air pollution modeling. She has developed several artistic projects on her own and in collaboration with various artistic collectives. Starting from the group of activists and artists “senzadimorafissa”, she has developed her own practice using performance and photography, intended as a way to conduct experiments in public space. She also designed and produced a series of interactive, self-made and often ephemeral electronic devices that use light, sound, electromagnetic waves, and embedded sensors, as a poetic way of approaching technology. Inspired by her family story, her works often deals with the Italian colonialist past, in a specific relation to material and technical forms of domination, such as the use of chemical weapons and radio waves in the African colonial war of the 1930s and to artificial intelligence and statistical tools in support of global neocolonial present. In recent years, she has co-founded FAMA collective dedicated to the investigation of the scientific concept of metastability through artistic media.

Her work has been shown in galleries, museums and institutions, including: Museo de Historia Natural, Universitat de Valencia, Valencia; Art Pavillon, Belgrade; Villa Romana, Florence; La Déviation, Marseille; Centro per l’Arte Contemporanea Luigi Pecci, Prato; Casa Masaccio Arte Contemporanea, San Giovanni Valdarno; Fondazione Fotografia Modena; GAMC Lorenzo Viani – Viareggio; Tenuta dello Scompiglio, Lucca; Dryphoto arte contemporanea, Prato; Museo de la Universidad de Alicante, Alicante; Art Photography Festival, Vilnius.

Curriculum Vitae