Image processing


Image processing,  stampa inkjet su carta baritata, 2019 – ongoing

Image processing is a meditation on extractivism, both that of nature and territories, and that “deterritorialized” of data and algorithms, historical and material components of capitalism in the digital age. In this series, as a form of analysis and resistance at the same time, I have used on my photographic archive the basic techniques of digital control mechanisms, such as algorithms and statistical analysis techniques designed to extract information from a series of images.

Different groups of images and subjects (palm, algae, pebbles etc..) give rise to micro-series composed of statistical and mathematical fuctions such as mean, standard deviation or eigenvectors.

Palm Processing – In this case the starting point is constituted by a series of shots of a palm branch: the palm is chosen as a symbol of both the extractive economy (oil for food and fuels) and that economy of desire which, through the seductive power of images and evoking exotic paradises, promises a happiness that always lies in an impossible elsewhere.