Take care of me

Take care of me, python script, 9’12”, 2019

‘Take care of me’ is an impossibile experiment intertwining the story of the training of a neural network with that of a soldier (the uncle of the artist). The soldier’s training took place first during the Ethiopian War and then during the Second World War, on the Eastern Front. The so called artificial intelligence is based on neural networks algorithms that need training in order to perform their tasks. The training dataset and other structural parts of the model are often biased toward the dominant point of view of a male, white, heterosexual, English-speaking subject.

Overlapping and intertwining the two stories is to me a paradoxical way to explore the relationships between the individual self and the social, political, linguistic and technological structures constraining the horizons of meaning. The linguistic aspect of mathematical and algorithmic structures are highlighted in the video together with their similarity with words and terms inherited by a colonialist mindset.


Here the whole text.
An introduction here


Installation view at Art Pavillon Belgrad, July 2020


Thanks to Eleonora Farina and Luca Sguanci.

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