Early Video Works

Sofia, video, 4’25”, 2008

This video has been conceived during the workshop ‘Second Escape’ held by the artist Robert Pettena. We were asked to explore the neighborhood and this video documents an encounter I made during the exploration. Trying to illegally enter in an abandoned textile factory I met a Chinese little girl and her father that decided to help me.

The girl’s name was Sofia and we shared a bold exploration of this intriguing place.

Monsoon Story, video, 3’25’’, 2007

This story started in 2006 when I attended a conference where a meteorologist said that the mild climate of our region was going to be turn into a monsoon climate due to the climate change.

In the same period I met a Chinese boy migrated with his family in Prato from a monsoonal region. It seemed to me that his presence here and his friendship can mitigate the gravity of the climate change impact or in other words make us change as the the climate. The video is meant to be at the same time a waiting and a rescue.

with: Alex Lin, Luca Sguanci; photography and camera: David Becheri, Emanuele Tassi

This is the 3-channel integral version


and this is the short 1-channel version

Selfportrait, video, 3’00’’, 2006

This work has been realized during the workshop by the artist Renate Aller, held in Prato in december 2006. The workshop was focused on the idea of selfportrait. I chose to reflect on the concept of a selfhood in the feminism tradition and in particular on the ideas developed in the Adriana Cavarero’s book Relating Narratives: Storytelling and Selfhood. Here the philosophy of the self is built through the story told to the other and reflected by the other, leading to selfhood as a narratable self. This idea can be the starting point in developing a new concept of identity, where this is not an innate quality, but a relational practice, that only the other can give back to us.

In the video the images of the dialogues I had with some friends (one by one) taking place in daily situations and of which I decided to leave out the sound, , alternate with close ups of my body dancing in abstract excessive and plastic colors.