Cartographies – Alex, Longyan/Prato, 5 color photographies, map, text, 2014

This work is about geography and it could be shaped in relation to personal life trajectories. I put two different geographical maps one on the top of the other, setting a correspondence between the places on the first and those on the second.

Alex is at the center of the relationship between the two maps: indeed the first map is the map of the city from which Alex come from, that is Longyan in the south-est of China, the other one is the map of the city where Alex lives now, that is Prato, Tuscany. Moreover Alex’ home in Longyan is superimposed to Alex home in Prato, and this establishes an unique corrispondence between the two maps (the scale of the maps are set equal). After this process I asked Alex to choose some places in Longyan relevant for him: then the matching places according to the process explained above are marked on the Prato map.

Then we made together a journey to those marked place in Prato, but pretending to be in Longyan. So I could take photographs of Alex walking in Longyan with almost no travel cost.

The work is composed by 5 color photographs: a xerox copy of a map and a text about our journey is distributed to the audience.

Here the critical text by Martino Margheri.