Camouflage II

Camouflage II, photograph, written declaration, 2010
This work has been conceived for the exhibition “Prevenire la cura” at 26cc gallery, Rome ( The intention of the exhibition is to show some curatorial project that have never been realized. One of them was the Stefano Taccone’s idea of organizing an exhibition inside the US Army base of Camp Darby, in Pisa, Tuscany. This piece follows this idea and has been realized with the help of Augusto Buzzegoli.
Thursday, December 09, 2010, 7:06 PM. I entered the military base territorial limits. This selfportrait can be used as a proof. A witness (A. Buzzegoli) confirms this statement. The photograph was shot with a 1/25 sec time exposition, faster than the time frame of the security cameras.