9000 stitches per minutes


9000 spm, wearable device, 2016

9000 spm (9000 stitches per minutes the maximum operational rate of many sergers) is a wearable device that makes every dress able to play the sound of the machines that produced it, due to an electronic circuit sewed onto the fabric.

First conceived and shown as an invisible audio installation (Ghost Track, 2015) reproducing the sound of sewing machines and sergers, as an evocation of the the ghost work of the textile industry of my own city, it turned up in a wearable device that reminds you where your dress comes from. Before being implemented 9000spm was produced as a project (BAU2016) in 150 variations making use of the production scraps of the cutting processes by a ‘pronto moda‘, a super fast fashion chain of production.

You can see a video of the wearable device here.