Chincaglierie (Trinket)


Chincaglierie (Trinket), sound installation, golden and silver rings, guitar strings, brackets, aluminum boards, iron, nylon and cotton threads, beads, fishing loads, aluminum tube, 2015-2016

Weave along is a participatory action by the artists Tatiana Villani, Manuela Mancioppi e Emanuela Baldi, is the point of departure of Chincaglierie (Trinket). The action lasted several weeks during which the artists created an art piece made by rags and scraps, all materials coming from local textile industries, and people were invited to participate to the action freely.

The three artists asked me to keep trace of the whole process of their work, so, during the days of the action,  I recorded the sound, with all the voices and noises produced together with the sculptural work. Then I created a system that transforms the audio recordings of the participatory experience into vibrations, thanks to an ad hoc electronic circuit. Once converted into vibrations, the sound led several vibration motors and driving several mechanical devices to move and make noise.

Chincaglierie (Trinket) is an attempt to keep the energy involved in the participatory process flowing, by converting it into different forms.

Together with Weave Along, Chincaglierie (Trinket) has been shown in different context, every time changing according to the exhibition space and context, from the former industrial building that hosted it for the first time thanks to Artforms association, to the Medieval building of Casa Mannozzi, invited by Casa Masaccio Contemporary Art Centre.

Weave along, Artforms, June 2015.



Video by ioGim (

Gamc (Modern and Contemporary Art Gallery), Viareggio (LU), July 2016

Weave along (Inside Mannozzi’s), Casa Giovanni Mannozzi, San Giovanni Valdarno (AR) July – August 2016